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May. 8th, 2007


Taken out of "Something to Someone" By: Jauan

I've noticed a paradox
In this cold world where strangers seldom speak
And Heaven forbid should they ever touch
But on a dance floor when slow music plays
Two strangers can come together
Without questions
Without lies
And while the music is playing
They can express a basic human need
To hold
And be held

And somehow I can't help but believe
That the whole world
Should learn to play
A little more
"Slow Music"

When the music slowed
I crossed the crowded room
And reached out to her
She came without hesitation
Not as a stranger
Who had shared only a smile
She placed her hand in mine
Her head on my shoulder
And her body close to mine
As the music played
I could feel her trembling
From all the loneliness inside
Yet we never spoke
For there really wasn't anything
That needed to be said
When the song ended
She returned to her world
And I to mine
Now after all the years
I will occasionally close my eyes
And relive those few moments
That we shared.

You can know someone better
In a moment of Honestly
Then ever you can
In a lifetime of Lies.

Strangers are people
Whose paths have never crossed
And no common time
Has ever been shared
But once this happens
They can never truly
Be strangers again. 

One day I said to God -

I'm going to search 
for the meaning to my existence
I'm going to find the talent within me
Then develop it to the best of my ability
And I'm going to make the most of this Life
That I have been given

And I'm going to do this
Without infringing upon anyone else's 
Opportunity to do the same

And God replied
"I couldn't ask for anything more."

I reach out to the World
A World that has given me Life
A World that has given me Dreams
And I pray
That I might have the Courage
To explore my Life
To live my Dreams.

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