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Making Dance Magic Happen

 I've had this idea of getting back into choreographing dances for a while. When I was 16 I dreamed about becoming a choreographer and said that's exactly what I'd become. 

About a year ago I moved from the “C” unit to the "A" unit in the Victorian flat my brother Mark bought. This gives me a great living room with wooden floors that is my sewing room. If you brake down that table in the middle it transformers into a dance studio. Yesterday that's what I did. I broke down that table to see if I had enough space, (besides teaching someone to waltz) to create in it or not. It was a YES. 

How great does the dance look that I started creating? Well if feels great! What do I plan to do with them after they are finished? Perform them somewhere – sometime or teach them. Perhaps perform them during a FNW brake? Become an entertainer at someone's party for money? Create a dance troupe? End up on U-Tube? How about “Do You Think You Can Dance”!  Become rich and famous so I'll never have to worry about making money again!? Well one always dream BIG :-)...