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Observations By: Idries Shah

Have you noticed that when you are wrong, it may only need a child in a crowd to point it out; but that if you are right, it can involve dozens of scholars and decades of work to investigate and vindicate you?

Teaching is like setting bones. In both cases it is not just that something be done, but that it be done correctly and with knowledge. Real teachers spend just as much effort in preventing 'wrong learning' as they do in promoting right learning.

The stationary wheel does not squeak: does not, that is, show its need for lubrication.  

Three understandings

There is understanding;
Then understanding of understanding - 
And, finally, the understanding of 
what one did not understand.

I do not say that the scholars do not know anything about Sufism. You can see from their books that they know all about it - except what it means.

Ignorance is servitude and knowledge gives hope. But only understanding is freedom.